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    Green & Company is a firm offering accounting and income tax services, along with mortgages through our partnership with Mortgage Alliance.  If you are an individual, sole proprietorship, or small corporation, we would be a great fit for your bookkeeping, accounting, and income tax needs.  Our services are of the highest quality and our pricing is competitive.


    If you are looking for mortgage financing, in addition to regular employment situations, Mortgage Alliance specializes in self employed and unique employment funding. Green & Company’s resources and depth of experience in accounting puts us in a unique position to add value to your experience with Mortgage Alliance as your mortgage provider.


    We are able to bring tax returns up to date, offer professional consultation, obtain tax and income documents directly from CRA on your behalf, and by working with Mortgage Alliance you have access to many lenders, including the major banks.  The mortgage service is no cost to you and the interest rates are the best available on the market!


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